What $2,500 buys in India: Tata Nano unveiled

Tata has pulled the wraps off its long-discussed and highly-anticipated 1-lakh (around $2,500) car. The orb-like Tata Nano was unveiled at the New Delhi Auto Expo today, boasting a 30-horsepower 624-cc engine; a four-speed manual transmission; a disc/drum brake setup; room for five (based on the above photo); and claimed fuel economy of 54 US miles per gallon. There's no power steering, and you'll find more instrumentation on many wristwatches -- the Nano has only a fuel gauge, speedometer, and oil light. Suspension? Well, it has one. Tata claims that the car meets safety and environmental standards, and we're sure it won't be long before tests show whether the car is up to snuff in those areas. Say hello to the new 'people's car,' brought to you by the same folks who hope to sell you Jaguars in the not-so-distant future. We'd say that if all goes as planned, Tata's got just about every possible demographic covered. Thanks for the tip, RV!

UPDATE: Official Tata press release added after jump.

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