Lexus LF-A beats Porsche 911 GT2

Hey, remember the Lexus LF-A concept? Here’s the real one, powered by 4.8L V10 churning out 552bhp and has set a lap records at Nurburgring at 7 minutes 24 seconds compare to Porsche 911 GT2 at 7 minutes, 32 seconds. A 210 mph top speed is said to be the car’s upper bound. Video after the jump.

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Mazda Furai Concept

Mazda Furai Concept

Mazda released a few photos of the Furai Concept. The Mazda Furai has a three-rotor Mazda 20B rotary engine, which can produces around 450 horsepower. The engines runs on E100 ethanol and the word ‘Furai’ can be translated as ‘sound of wind’.

The flowing shape of the Furai was co-designed by Mazda and Swift Engineering at Mazda’s design studio in Southern California.

Mazda Furai Concept

Mazda Furai Concept

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Clarkson tries out the BMW 135i and likes it!

When Jeremy Clarkson isn't expounding on how wonderful the Jaguar XKR is or how horrible the G-Wiz is on Top Gear, he does much the same thing in the pages of the Times of London. In his most recent entry on those hallowed pages he takes on BMW's new 135i coupe. On the recent Top Gear Awards show Clarkson called Munich's other new small car the Mini Clubman a toilet and less desirable than a bag of dung. Maybe it's just hatchbacks from BMW that he doesn't like because he also hated the original 1-series hatch. Fortunately for the Bavarian engine gurus, the new 135i coupe does not suffer the same fate. The new shape and the twin turbo 3.0-liter inline six have transformed the 1-series in Clarkson's eyes. Aside from the absence of rear leg room, he calls this the best car BMW makes. We can hardly wait to try it out. Now about that price tag!

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VIDEO: Lamborghini Reventon

There are some photogenic cars that take your breath away just from the pictures. And there are others that you have to see in the flesh to appreciate. Then there are a few - like the Lamborghini Reventon - that fit both: each picture speaks a thousand words, but seeing it up close yields an even deeper appreciation of its styling. The most extreme of Lamborghinis was created for just that purpose: shock and awe.

Although rumors are circulating that Lamborghini may give the green light for a total production run of 100, currently the company plans to build only twenty examples, which means that most may never have a chance to see one up close and in person. Fortunately Sant'Agata has released this video walk-around to allow the world to take in its latest creation in all of its oblique glory. Follow the jump to see for yourself.

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Mercedes CLS AMG 63 Images Leak on to Internet [New Cars]: "

Mercedes%20CLS%2063%2001.jpgAlthough we'd already heard the new Mercedes CLS AMG wouldn't be getting a power boost beyond 514 HP under the hood, now we're not only hearing what it'll officially look like, we're seeing it. Here's the first shots of the new four-door 'coupe' from Daimler -- helpfully making the rounds on the internet well before the official reveal date of sometime in the indeterminately near future. Noted differences between the old n' busted model and the new hotness pictured above and below the jump are the bigger 19' wheels, new front grille, rear LED lighting and an odd little carbon fiber mini-spoiler. One more pic below the jump.


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Loremo working on high mileage convertible for 2008 Geneva show

We've covered aspiring German automaker Loremo several times here on ABG. Most recently they showed their prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September. They are working on a super-lightweight aerodynamic car powered by a small turbodiesel engine and have submitted an entry for the Automotive X-Prize. For the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, Loremo is working on an open-top version of their car. While it's nice to see them working on other variants, hopefully they will actually get an actual production car done soon that meets all safety requirements. Unfortunately that's not expected until 2010. In the meantime you can check out a video of the prototype after the jump.

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2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (Video)

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

General Motors announced the new 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The ZR1 is powered by a 6.2L supercharged LS9 engine that can produce at least 620HP.

All the tungsten instruments around 0-60’s ZR1 really play up the surface detailing of the C6 Corvette, and the handsome metallic gray hue made this particular ZR1 a stealth bomber.

More picturs and Video after the jump.


2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1


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Tokyo Auto Salon '08: Honda Inspire Modulo Concept

click above for more high-res images of the Honda Inspire Modulo Concept

The recently released Honda Inspire may be little more than a JDM version of the U.S.-market Accord, but Honda has infused the staid sedan with a healthy dose of bespoke kit for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.

The Inspire Modulo Concept comes equipped with a new front and rear bumper, revised grille and Transformer-esque headlamps, along with some aluminum trim and 19-inch, seven-spoke wheels wrapped in 245/40 R19 rubber. The interior gets a combination of orange leather and black crocodile skin, with an independent audio system for all four passengers, and a duo of LCD screens mounted behind the front seats. It's a clean package that combines a healthy amount of luxury with a small bit of sport, but we doubt crocodile hide will be on the options list of most Japanese Honda dealers.

Gallery: Honda Inspire Modulo Concept


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Solstice F430: Abomination or Pontiac perfected?
click above to view more images of the Solstice F430

There's a pretty healthy argument to be made for leaving the styling of your Pontiac Solstice alone. It did end up in production virtually off the show floor, as evidenced by the cockpit's spaciousness and spectacular materials (hint: saracasm). But there's always at least one person who's not content to leave well enough alone. Luckily, Mr. Paul MadMods seems to have what's known in the biz as mad skillz. What that means is he has a way of working with his hands in a painstaking manner to turn out customized cars that don't scream 'HACK JOB!'

Aesthetics, however, are another whole thing, and we're sure that this choice of colors and body mods won't sit well with everyone, but you have to give the guy credit, it's all nicely done. We also have to give props for not creating a full-on Ferrari replica. Paul states that his intent was just to incorporate cool cues from cars that he sees. Thus, his Solstice wears an F430 nose, Porsche Cayman side intakes serving as extractors in the front quarters, tons of custom electronics and a snarling custom turbo installation, too. It's pretty amazing to see how much like a kit car the Solstice actually is. It's not the most comfortable little mini-'Vette, but it's well engineered platform-wise. After seeing how easily the Solstice takes to wrenching, we want one of our own to trick out. When we need an F430 nose, we know who to call.

Thanks for the tip, Aman!

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Tokyo Auto Salon '08: Mazdaspeed Demio Concept
click above for more images of the Mazdaspeed Demio Concept

Here's another one that we're very curious to read more about when Mazda gets around to issuing its sweeping Tokyo Auto Salon release. The car shown, of course, is the Demio, a.k.a. Mazda2, a.k.a one of the cool non-US market cars we'd love to see in our local showrooms. In this case, it's a fully-dressed Mazdaspeed Demio concept. In addition to the full aero package (new bumpers, spoilers, skirts, inserts, etc.), it boasts Mazdaspeed wheels, brakes, and likely some suspension upgrades. Whether there are any changes under the hood is not currently known, but it'd be a shame to look that fast with no guts to back it up. Inside, two-tone racing seats and various dress-up bits bring the Demio's cabin upmarket. We'd rather see a manual transmission instead of the show car's automatic, but if Mazda does decide to go all the way and produce a Mazdaspeed2/Demio somewhere down the line, were sure that a manual cog-swapper would be part of the mix. At the very least, we now have a very good idea of what such a car would probably look like.

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Rumormill: 2012 Mazda RX-9, real or fake?
click above for more images of this 2012 Mazda RX-9 concept

The only car brochure we ever held on to was for a 1993 Mazda RX-7. It was the baddest car of the time -- the 300Z was four years old, the 911 had gone soft, Ferrari had that hideous 348, the C4 Corvette never really did it for us, and the lunar lander Supra hadn't landed yet. The low, tiny twin-turbo monster was it as far as we were concerned.

Which is why we are always happy to read about the next coming of the RX-7. Just Put has renderings of an RX-9 concept that it says would have a Wankel powerplant of somewhere around 1.8 liters, and be more oil and fuel efficient than the current generation. Power would make it to an unidentified number of wheels via a dual-clutch 6-speed transmission and limited-slip diff.

We have no idea from where these two renderings have come. They could be official images that were leaked. Their slightly low resolution supports that theory, as often leaked images are small and enlarged beyond their resolution later. Or it could be a nicely done photochop by a fanboy. Either way, we think it lacks aggression and the rear looks highly derivative. The front end's nicely complex features doesn't seem to match the simple buttocks, another reason why it might not be the real deal. But hey, first let's get verification that an RX-something-fast really is on the way, and we can sort out the styling later.

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2009 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG unleashed2009_Mercedes-Benz_SLK 55_AMG_1.jpg
Roadsters indisputably offer the supreme sports car feel! If you are greedy for a taste of an open-top race car that allows sound, sun and wind into the cockpit and the song of tires feel music to your ears then you can avail all this and more with the latest 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG. A fresh look and enhanced dynamics are the highlights of Mercedes’ latest update to its long-lived SLK roadster. Its 360hp V8 carries over, providing ample power to its AMG Speedshift 7G-Tronic transmission, which has been tuned to shift even faster than before. Handling is improved by a new ‘direct steering’ system that Mercedes says improves feel and agility. However the mechanics remain largely unchanged while the new look is most obvious from the front of the car. The front fascia is now even more sloped and angular, with larger air dams and foglamps pushed further outboard. Slits in the side of the front apron vent hot air after it has passed through the intercooler. A new rear end and spoiler lip complete the meaner, more aggressive appearance of the new SLK 55 AMG. Other new tweaks include new 18-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels painted titanium grey shod that are capable of accelerating your car to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds."


Tokyo Auto Salon: Honda Inspire Modulo Touring [Tokyo Auto Salon]

hondainspiremodulotop.jpgHonda looked to in-house tuner Modulo to take their Inspire (a.k.a. Accord) and shake off some of the Teutonic flavor. Though the new sedan does borrow heavily from European designs, the Modulo body kit certainly portrays a more typically Japanese sentiment. The new grille and front fenders, in particular, are more Motegi than Nurburgring. In addition to the exterior enhancements, it appears that the interior has been upgraded with two-tone leather and a smattering of techno goodies. The steering wheel alone has nearly a dozen buttons.

As with most Tokyo Auto Salon previews, there's no word yet on what kind of madness is going on under the skin. Just for fun let's say it's some tuned version of the 3.5-liter six.

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Tokyo Auto Salon '08: Honda Fit Luxe'sterTokyo Auto Salon: Honda Fit Luxe'ster
click above for more images of the Honda Fit Luxe'ster

Fit Luxe'sterThe Tokyo Auto Salon is almost upon us, and as is the case each year, manufacturers have show cars ready for what is essentially the Japanese version of SEMA. Tuned and accessorized cars are the focus, and Honda has a few items ready to go. We'll start with the Fit Luxe'ster. This is what you get when you take a JDM Fit RS, throw on a set of 15' Modulos and wrap the seats, door panels, steering wheel, shift knob and a healthy portion of the IP in dark tan leather. For good measure, throw in a set of matching fabric mats. Of course, 'Honda Fit' and 'Luxury' are terms that are pretty much at odds with each other, but anything goes at the TAS.

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Peugeot's Little Red Wagon Rocks Hydrogen [Concept Cars]

h20concept_1.jpgA Peugeot fire truck? You better freaking believe it. This thing is the latest and greatest conceptual design from Peugeot, named the H2O. Don't be deceived by its size, this little red diddy has a big tank and a telescopic ladder for saving kitty cats and the like. On the inside, the H2O is capable of producing electricity and water with a fuel cell battery. Now wouldn't it be hilarious if the H2O's ability to produce water and being a fire truck were a complete coincidence?

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Subaru R1e electric vehicle ready for sale early

Subaru's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), has announced that the R1e electric vehicle will begin silently rolling off dealer lots come 2009, which is a year ahead of schedule. With lithium-ion batteries developed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company, the R1e will have a 50-mile range and a 62-MPH top speed. While the 'range isn't too impressive -- although plenty for typical urban commuting, and it will certainly increase -- the car can be 80-percent recharged in just 8 minutes.

Prices haven't been released for the 2009 launch, but FHI says that by 2012 or 2013, it expects to be able to sell the car for around $17,500. A couple more years of mass production of the battery should allow for a price drop to about $13,100. Initially, FHI only plans to sell 100 of the cars annually, which is only 60 more than are being tested on roads right now and sounds rather conservative to us. Nevertheless, for those of you in Japan, your electric future is nearly here.

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New Tesla CEO Ze'ev Drori finally speaks

The new CEO and President of Tesla Motors Ze'ev Drori has been pretty quiet since he came on board recently, at least publicly. He did participate with Elon Musk in the recent conference call with customers and he has undoubtedly made his presence felt inside the walls at San Carlos. Now, anyone can hear what Drori has to say: he's just posted his first entry on the Tesla blog picking up where Elon Musk left off last week. Drori gives some further details on the situation with the Roadster's transmission. The one speed unit that will be used for early production cars will mainly impact the acceleration with 0-60 times going from 4 seconds to a still-spritely 5.7 seconds. There's also some discussion about the range of the Roadster. After the recent revelation that an error was made in the test procedure, Drori explains that the dynamometer at the test lab was incorrectly calibrated. After a retest, the official range is 221 miles but real world numbers range from 165 miles in aggressive highway running to 267 miles in lower speed urban commuting.

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Detroit Auto Show: Toyota Reveals New Honda Ridgeline, Calls it the A-BAT Concept Hybrid Truck [Detroit Auto Show]

Toyota%20A-BAT%20Concept%20Truck.jpg This is it -- whatever 'it' is. Actually 'it' is Toyota's newest concept they'll be bringing to the Detroit Auto Show in two weeks, the A-BAT Concept Pickup Truck. And A-BAT is more than just a winged rat, it's actually, as we're told by our friends at, an acronym for 'Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck.' That's a name that has us kinda scratching our heads. How did Toyota name a concept vehicle a 'breakthrough' when it looks like the love child of some sort of menage-a-truck involving the Honda Ridgeline, the Chevy Avalanche and the Toyota Prius. Yeah, you heard us -- the Toyota Prius -- you know, for that tint of green. But despite what appears to our eyes as the obvious Ridgeline-esque styling, Toyota claims the look of this unibody-platformed concept truck is unique -- based on 'the 'trapezoid' silhouette from the side profile of the Toyota Prius.' But don't think for a moment this concept is all car and no truck. The A-BAT's able to shed the five-person crew-cab-like set-up with a tiny four-foot bed and transform itself into a two-seat 'El Camino' configuration with a full eight-foot bed. The transformation's accomplished by dropping both the liftgate and the 'midgate' ( that sound you hear is Chevrolet's legal team opening up their briefcases in unison) on either end of the mini-bed.

But wait, there's more -- as we alluded to earlier, this concept's got some green going on under the hood by way of a hybrid synergy drive. So if Toyota ever builds this new-fangled El Cam, you can head to Home Depot to buy lumber for the deck of your cookie-cutter McMansion and make a statement about saving the environment all at once. But we do give Toyota some credit for aggressively going after a market they've targeted. Full press release after the jump.

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The R-designated big cat is back. And packing increased power, uprated looks and a host of expected enhancements over the standard XF, the R version will have its sights firmly set on de-throning the M5. These first spy shots, taken by a car magazine photographer, reveal the first prototype XF-R to not be a modified from an S-Type-based XF mule. They follow the car's Frankfurt debut and first production roll-off just yesterday.

Using a further tuned version of the V8 model's 416 hp 4.2-litre supercharged unit with higher boost pressures, the XF-R is expected to gauge power of nearer to 500 hp. With the 0-62 mph sprint with the present supercharged unit in just 5.4 seconds, expect M5 levels of performance for the XF-R. Uprated R suspension and brakes will feature in addition to an upgraded styling package.

In these spy shots, the game is given away for Jaguar somewhat clearly, with quad exhaust pipes featuring where the standard model boasts only two, a blackened front mesh grille and a noticeably lowered ride height. Residing under arches designed to cater for larger wheels, there are attractive 20" rims, behind which lie R ventilated discs. According to car's photographer, this XF sounded like no other XF he had ever photographed. Unsurprisingly, when approached by the magazine, Jaguar refused to comment.

With standard models hitting the market in March, the tuned XF-R won't be seeing the light of day just yet, with sales expected to start early 2009 with a possible late '08 motor show debut.

aunch coincides with 40th anniversary

The all new, up-market Hyundai Genesis (or endearingly still referred to by Hyundai as BH) is set for a 29 December release party, coinciding with Hyundai's 40th anniversary. Of course, the luxury sedan will be released on home soil first before its world conquest commences.

To commemorate Hyundai's 40 years of growth, they will use a new official emblem for the year which will grace all advertising, product as well as corporate and in showrooms and sales / marketing events. The logo is made up of two brush strokes, combining elements of the past and future into one silhouette.

The Hyundai Genesis will be powered by a newly developed DOHC 32-valve V8 engine producing well over 300hp, should be able to hit 60mph within 6 seconds and is rear wheel driven. The Genesis is entering new territories for Hyundai, territories where BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Infiniti are well represented.

Press Release

Hyundai Celebrating 40th Anniversary

  • Dec. 29th will mark forty years of growth

On December 29 this year, Hyundai Motor Co. will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of its foundation and to mark this major milestone, the company is releasing an official emblem.

Executed with two simple but elegant calligraphic brush strokes which combine elements of the past and the future into the dynamic silhouette of car, the emblem symbolizes 40 years of growth and progress in the automotive business. It expresses the spirit of a forward-looking, progressive organization which prizes responsiveness and responsibility: Hyundai will always remain responsive to the needs of our customers and will adhere to the highest standards of responsibility to our stakeholders, the community and the environment.

The anniversary emblem will be incorporated into all Hyundai Motor advertising, product as well as corporate, and in signage displayed in showrooms and sales/marketing events.

Coinciding with the anniversary celebrations will be the Korean market launch of the company's all-new luxury sedan codenamed BH.

Since its concept debut at the New York Auto Show this past April, numerous spy photos of the new rear-wheel-drive 3.8-liter V8 sedan known internally as BH, have been taken during its development. But these latest detailed shots found on South Korean hi-fi stereo forum site,, show it completely in the buff. Aside from some interesting design details on the exterior, one particular detail which was speculated but unconfirmed, until now, is the BMW 5 Series iDrive like controller in the center console just below the gear lever.

Hyundai has already announced a release party for the upmarket Genesis on December 29th, coinciding with their 40th Anniversary, and then making its public debut just two weeks later at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. With pricing expected to come in well below $30,000 USD, the Genesis is sure to turn a lot of heads.

Free passes for London

While ZAP is in Californian courts battling Daimler and smart, they are also expanding their markets. After opening a Chinese factory, now the 40 mph (64 km/h) ZAP Zebra 'city car' has been approved for UK roads.

But besides just being street-legal, the ZAP Zebra will also be one of the first (if not the first) car to be eligible for 'free passes' from London daily congestion tolls and parking. ZAP CEO Steve Schneider: "Here is a unique electric vehicle that will help drivers save significantly on fuel costs as well as free passes for the daily congestion tolls and parking.”

A very noble attempt, and most definitely a step in the right direction in regards to saving the planet but we'd still not want to be caught in a Zebra, let alone the pick-up truck version.

As expected, the Detroit Motor Show this January will see the debut of the new Corvette ZR1 packing an all new engine, the LS9. As previously suspected, these leaked photos confirm the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine gets supercharged. The photos show the supercharger in its two main components, the twin intercooler which integrates on top of the main supercharger unit sitting underneath. The LS9 engine is expected to produce approximately 650 hp.

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